The Movie Nerdfighter

The Movie Nerdfighter

My name is William and I like movies.


I’ve been a fan of the movies since I was very young.  The first movie I saw in the theaters was “Return of the Jedi” when I was only 3 years old.  That started my fascination with the Star Wars franchise and the magic of the motion picture.

Since then, I have been a regular movie-goer for the great, the near great, the not-so great, and the absolute crap.  I’m quite voracious in my viewing and will watch just about anything at least once (a great exception comes from the run of horrible parody movies that have been coming out in the wake of the “Scary Movie” franchise.  I think the final nail in that coffin will be when they come out with one actually called “Parody Movie”.  It’ll be shit, and we can all move on).

The purpose of this blog will be for me, as a movie-goer and hardcore cinephile, to give (hopefully) honest critiques of movies.  I will review every movie I see without abject malice (if there is malice, it will have a purpose).  Not only will you find reviews of the newest theater releases, you will also find the smaller titles, the classics, the cult classics, and the independent stuff you’ve never heard of before.

Now, I feel the name deserves a brief explanation.  For those who don’t know what a Nerdfighter is, here is the simplest “official” definition:

    People who instead of being made up of cells and organs and stuff are actually made out of awesome.

The term was coined by brothers Hank and John Green during their year-long vlog project Brotherhood 2.0.  The viewers of this project make up the Nerdfighter populace.  I consider myself one of their number and am fascinated with movies, thus movie nerdfighter.

When I am not watching movies or writing reviews, I am a writer and filmmaker in Wilmington, North Carolina.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Phillip Hughes Says:

    My name is Phillip Hughes and I am part of an independent film company based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our current project is a horror comedy web series entitled The Scare Game. New media and online entertainment are just beginning to blossom and The Scare Game will fill a particular niche of high quality cinematic entertainment that has been devoid on the web. With a blend of strong production value and quality writing, it is Uncanny Entertainment’s hope that independent web entertainment will become a wide-spread, regular option for the viewing public.

    Lock your doors and keep away from the edge of your bed; Vince and his club of horror enthusiasts are hiding outside your window. The Scare Game is a new horror/comedy web series cast and crewed entirely in New Mexico. Season one will consist of thirteen 7 to 10 minute episodes exploring the topics of horror, voyeurism, and the ultimate unrequited love- fandom.

    The first episode entitled, The Scare Game, is now available on line and can be seen at:

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy The Scare Game.

  2. Jennifer Daugherty Says:


    This is Phil and Jenn from The Web series, The Scare Game. We just wanted to let you know that the 2nd episode is now up and ready to watch on youtube. You can see it here:

    and if you haven’t seen the first episode please check that one out first. It will do you a world of good for watching the second one.

    We would love some feedback and some word of mouth (good or bad). We recently got enough donations to continue with the series, so we are SUPER excited about that. The third episode is shot and will be released in the beginning of January.

    Hope you continue to enjoy The Scare Game!

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