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The Dark Knight, It Gets Better Every Time You See It

September 14, 2008

I have to say, I absolutely love “The Dark Knight”.

It’s just an incredible movie. Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this movie. In fact, the second podcast started out as a full review on “The Dark Knight” and become a look at Batman through the years. However, I just saw the film on an IMAX screen and I was just stunned.

I know all about the brilliance of IMAX, but before Friday night, I’d yet to experience it for myself. After seeing it I can only say one thing…


Seriously, and in every since of the term, this movie took my breath away. That is the most honest I’ve ever been using that phrase. When those 70mm cityscapes appear on that enormous screen, it feels like you are actually in a helicopter flying over them. I literally lost my breath for a moment during those scenes.

And the action…

When those explosions rock the floor beneath your feet, you think it’s actually happening right in front of you.

However, I must digress, the simple fact of seeing this movie on an IMAX screen isn’t what makes it such a great film. The acting, the directing, the script; there’s plenty to like about “The Dark Knight”.

Of course, you can’t talk about the acting in this movie without mentioning the stellar performance of Heath Ledger. He is, hands down, the greatest Joker ever captured on screen. Prior to this, I always considered Mark Hamill the ultimate Joker for his part in the Batman animated series from the 90s. That was brilliant, but Ledger completely owns the part. If there hadn’t been so much news about Heath before the movie was released, you wouldn’t even know it was him.

I could write pages alone on the performance of the late Mr. Ledger in this film, but I will not. I will say this though; Heath Ledger will receive a posthumous Oscar for it. And it will be entirely deserved.

This franchise has given me hope for movies based on DC Comic properties. Now, if only they could get the Superman movie franchise completely back on track.

Thank you Mr. Nolan, and thank you Mr. Ledger. It would not have worked without either of you.


William, the Movie Nerdfighter

who strangely found some words of wisdom in the Joker’s dialogue and is a little concerned…

Comic Book Movies Part 02: The Dork Knights

September 1, 2008

In episode 2, originally posted on July 22, 2008, we deal specifically with Batman after seeing “The Dark Knight”.

Download this episode (106 min)

William, Jason, and Seth discuss the Batman phenomena from the 60s live action show all the way up to “The Dark Knight”.