Absolutely Gonzo

I must start this review by saying that Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is one of my heroes.

Honestly and truly, he is one of the people who has made and shaped me through the years.

So, you know I went in to “Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson” not expecting to learn anything new about the man, but expecting to see how director Alex Gibney handled the life of this remarkable individual. This force of nature.

And he handled it quite exceptionally, I’m happy to say.

Now, one complaint I heard form several people outside after the screening was the running time. Most said, “it ran a little long at parts.” But what they fail to consider is that this man wrote about his life in a series of books that catalog so much incredible detail, it is hard to tell his story any other way.

This documentary is a very detail oriented portrait of the man who inspired me to do what I love regardless of the risk. He also inspired me to become an ordained minister (mail-order, the same way he was).

Some will complain that this is a spoiler, but since it’s a matter of public fact I’ll say it:

When the time came to discuss Hunter’s suicide, I teared up. It was a very painful moment for me to hear his family and friends talk about losing him. They had a connection with him that I wish I could have, and in another life probably would have. He went out on his own terms, but I fear he went too early.

Jimmy Buffet is one of the friends interviewed for the movie, and he sums it up best:

“I think he could have wielded a pretty effective sword against what’s going on right now.”


And I definitely have to agree.

I almost wrote a very gonzo-esque version of this review, and I still might.

So, do yourself a favor and see this movie when you get the chance. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never read any of his books, or even if you’ve seen the movies based on his life. Just watch it so you are more aware of the misadventures of this true american independent.



William, the Movie Nerdfighter
who’s planning a trip to the Owl Farm to see the incredible memorial erected for the good Doctor


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